Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Ok back from orientation. So really didn't fnd out too much. But I met the Instructors and they really seemed nice... of course that it so far. But they made a lot of jokes and were not bitchy sounding so thats a good sign.

Drug test tomorrow... gotta go online and do some background check and pay for the test $75
Got to go tomorrow and order the uniforms. Hunter Green Tops with white scrub pants. I have to have them printed with the school logo. $100
Bought my books and lab kit ( Yeah Toys !!) LOL Books are for the whole program so that was $550.

I did find out that after the PN program I can roll into the RN program. They like to give to their own above other applicants so... yeah!! I have to take my last pre-req for that program then over the summer semester.

First actual class is Thursday am. Funny thing is my lecture instructor is the ex wife of my former Boss.

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