Monday, January 26, 2009

They Story of us Part 2

The next day Boy-man showed up at school to bring Girl a Christmas present. They didn't speak much. But Girl slipped a note to Boyfriend, making him finally ex-Boyfriend. He seemed apathetic until later the next day.

The next day much to Girl's surprise Red called her and invited her to a party. So she went and Boy-man was there. Red was upset, but Girl had eyes only for Boy-man.

That night there were quite a few messages from ex-Boyfriend when she got home. It was nice payback since, early in their relationship, Boyfriend had decided he wanted to date Girl's best friend too.

Well, Girl and Boy-man spent the next two weeks inseparable and on New Year's Day he had to return to Georgia, then off to California, then off to Iraq. Phone calls and letters and 1 visit over the next year, was not enough to hold them together. Boy-man was turning 20 and a lot was happening to him, Girl was only 15.

They drifted apart and time moved on. He travelled the world with the Army. She grew and started a family. But they never truly forgot each other.

Time moved on, and a few Christmas's later Girl was working at the Mall when Dickhead walked in. Dickhead walked up to her register and he had a jacket on that was the name of a local bar in her town. "Was he from there?" she asked. Sometimes she really was too flirty for her own good.
" No. " Dickhead said, " My ex-fiancee lives there."
" Oh really what's her name?" When Dickhead told her, it was as if irony was playing a trick on fate.
" Oh, she dated my ex. Boy-Man" I said.
" When?" Dickhead asked. Kind of flustered at this point. When I told him he freaked. Ha! She had been cheating on Dickhead with Boy-man. Boy-man stole his fiancee. He hates Boy-man.
" Wow since our ex's got together, maybe we should date." Dickhead suggested.

I must have been seriously brain damaged because I agreed.

A few months later Daughter was on the way, and marriage was soon to follow. Son came a year later and divorce a few short years there after. Really I don't recommend getting married to someone you aren't really in love with just because you are pregnant. I also don't recommend keeping a picture of your first love next to your bed either. ( LOL )

A few months later, Girl is walking by Boy-man's parent's house. It seemed that her parent's had moved next doorish from them.

With courage she knocked on the door. His mother answered. They chatted for a while and she found out that Boy-man was getting divorced and living in Texas.

Girl decided to send Boy-man a birthday card. They hadn't spoken in 7 years at this point.

A week later the phone rang. It was Boy-man!! Her heart skipped a beat. He had actually been looking for her too.

He flew home a few months later on Valentine's Day and it was as if they had never been apart. He proposed to her. She accepted.

He came home for good in April and a year later, nearly 10 years from the day they met, Boy-man and Girl were married. Dickhead was furious when he found out that Boy-man and Girl were getting married. Not only had he lost a fiancee to Boy-man, now he had lost his wife and children. Damn old irony and fate!

BTW Boyfriend was Bestman at wedding! Except he thought it a good idea to HIT on Girl, so Boyfriend, was no longer bestfriend anymore.

It's been 10 years and we are still going strong. So the moral of the story is, you can look all around the world, but the Girl you were meant for, actually was the Girl Next Door!

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