Friday, January 16, 2009

Gotta love free Wi-Fi

6am Sitting in the parking lot waiting for class to start. Two hours early due to carpooling. But you can never be too early when it comes to traffic around here, as the people last Friday who got socked points found out. So this archaic laptop of mine comes in handy!

Math test today. I tried to study the conversions yesterday and worked on the basic dosage calculations but I can't self teach this subject. The 250mg/30ml so how much is this dose in ml if you add such and such amount of solution to the power... etc Throws me off!

So on to review my notes for the big day... we start assessments today!! The family will now become the guinea pigs.


  1. Dosage is a pisser! But there are some really good study guides at barnes and noble and borders. What text book are you using?

  2. ugh, so not looking forward to dosage calcs! We start next week. Family makes the best guinea pigs...when they conform!

  3. We have one math test. If we don't pass it, then we get one more chance. If we fail that one...we repeat the semester...

  4. drofen= yeah same here.

    Tiffany-we don't have a book we've been getting hand outs.

    Kls, good luck!