Monday, January 26, 2009

Just another Manic Monday

Ok so its really not manic. Right now Monday is pretty much the easier of the days. I can't wait to get another car though, because the carpooling thing is slowing my roll... lol. So yeah I am waiting for my Pharm class to start and realized that I have not even opened my book since the last class, which was 2 weeks ago. Next week we have the class in a Hybrid Version so I don't have to drive here. Of course I do have to email her an assigment as required.

I was supposed to meet with some people to study for tomorrow's test, but I had to park in the middle of nowhere and hike over to admissions to drop off yet another financial aide form, and then decided to just go sit in the library and pretend to study. I did study alot this weekend even though it may not have seemed it. But overall, a little more review tonight and I think I grasp the concepts of the data that we need to be able to apply on the quiz on Tuesday. Documentation, Assessment tools, Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing, Nursing Process aka intro to careplans. Not in-depth or creating one just yet, just the steps ADPIE and all that. So I feel good about it. Maslow & Erickson too. Of course I have had Psy101 and DevPsy Life Span so these are not brand new concepts, so the info comes out of my head in the multiple choice format. I honestly don't know if I really do learn in the group study session forum.

How about you guys?

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