Friday, January 16, 2009

Yeah week two DONE!!...long

Ahhh so relieved I got a 100 on today's math quiz. Gearing up for that BIG dosage and calc. test on the 29th. Those math problems are starting to make more and more sense. We get 1 try for a 100 or we get put on warning, we have a week to remediate then 1 more shot and if we don't get a 100 on that then we FAIL OUT! So yeah that would suck!!

Today was soooo much information thrown at us and I have never seen an assessment the likes of that video. A doctor has yet to do a physical on me as detailed as that assessment.

You know what gets me is this program is a zero pre-req program, other than a CNA, as we all know most programs with the CNA are pretty much here's how to do the basics and if anything is above the normal tell the Nurse... YIKES now we are the Nurse and are expected to know why... except its expected that we already know why and we are just reviewing what we should already know... of course I do have all my pre-reqs done for the RN program... except Algebra and Chem... but I digress, its just crazy and people are all pretty freaked out.

I spend alot of time hand writing my notes when I outline the chapters and transcribe the lecture notes instead of highlight/copy & paste from the online version, I find that helps me retain the information better so. Although we had a pop quiz today, which is the reason for this rant, and cuz I was so stressed about the math, I forgot to read the chapters, thank God it wasn't a quiz that counted cuz I could not remember the route a blood drop takes through the body from the superior vena cava all the way back to the aorta. Of course by Monday you know I sure will.
Bonus points for me is when I was asked the pace maker of the heart I did know the SA Node when she called on me. However, on that quiz I had a ton of blanks or half answers.

Whew.. ok so yeah thats it for week two! Long weekend to get caught back up and get a little bit ahead again. Of course within my side of the class I am the "organized" one... almost anal to a T about my notes and binder. But hey I'm old and my brain has been fried with too much anestheia from all those surguries and well thats what I need to stay in the game. Back in the day I was a straight A student.. I'd settle for just passing at this point... ok no... I really want A's too.

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