Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Days of our Nursing Education

OK so this next week is going to be pretty busy it seems. Test number two is on Tuesday,The Big Dosage and Calculations test is on Thursday!!

Tomorrow we start Medication Administration and injections!! Yeah we finally get to use our toys! Should I be this excited about injections? Hell yeah!! OK so I am a pro at giving injections actually, giving them to myself for over a year was lots of practice and I learned how to give to others through a flu clinic I worked at. It was fun. But this is the real thing. This is graded. This is all those words like, sub-q, IM, intradermal, z-track... to name but a few.

Tomorrow we have to present a group project on the application of creams, lotions, and ointment. OK so we lucked out and got really easy basic ones. But then again, its not only about slapping the crap on someone either. We have to do it the "right" way. Explain all the rationals etc. I got this nasty picture of incontinence dermatitis for my presentation on the importance of barrier creams.

We have planned the first official study groups now. Of course with carpooling right now I have to spend a bit of extra time waiting around before and after class a few days a week so hey, meeting at the cafe on campus is easy for me.

Oh we also have a math quiz tomorrow although it only counts for 1 point if we get a 100%, but hey that's 1 point toward that pass or fail so it all counts.

Hum.. lets see. I think that's about it for the week. Lots to learn and HUGE stress coming this week. A friend sent me this pic and I think it fits perfectly into this weeks overall feel.

OK off to work on dosage calculations.

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