Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Studying... with help

I just love this kid. He can take any subject and make it into a stand up comedy... even the evolution of nursing. I always ask him to quiz me when I complete my notes, and he is so smart months later he can even tell me what things were. I had him help me with the respiratory system in A&P and to this day he tells everyone about the ravioli and the broccoli... LOL

We did this ekg tutorial... he had all the rhythms memorized and he when time ran out he was like, " Sorry there is nothing more we could do for him." in that Doctor tone. Here's the link if you want to try your luck

Now if only he would do HIS school work... but that's a whole other blog.

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  1. Oh, we did that site in class too. It's a good one, but it does make mistakes sometimes