Friday, January 23, 2009


Thought I'd add to the mix:

To play you go to your photo files, choose the fourth file, and then choose the fourth photo in that file and tell it's story. Easy! and fun!

It was the only picture in that folder so it won. This is Sasha, she has to be with me where ever I go when I am at home. I had her place at the bottom of the bed loaded down with studying and had kicked her off my notes a few times so she settled into the pillows. Her sad eyes were just so touching that I had to snap a picture of her cozy place. The little white box you see on the dresser in the left hand corner is the urn and ashes of our dog Pepper. She was so special to us. She was 9 and died nearly two years ago Feb of a massive seizure. It was horrific!! I miss her alot!

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