Friday, January 23, 2009

Week Three DONE!!

So why don't I feel good? Ummm because I only got a 90 on my math quiz today!!! URGH!!! I misread a question and didn't think they meant dose= weight so when it asked for the weight I rounded to the nearest 10th... of course all you nursing student know that if its a pedi pt then you around to the nearest 100th. So yeah when it said round all pedi doses to the nearest 100th I was like OK. Except the question only said what is the weight in Kg of 3 year old blah blah if it were so and so pound and so and so ounces? Didn't see the magic word dose so I was like well weight round to the 10th... nope in passing somewhere they must have said they meant the same.

So yeah whatever!! I really hope I get that freaking 100 on the one on Thursday. I mean to not get it only because I didn't round. My math was all correct otherwise so yeah at least I get the math... I just need to understand what that dose and weight are the same things.

OK I am just pissy... although I do feel good about myself because everyone is freaking out about the test on Tuesday and although I too am freaking out, there were ALOT of people who failed it and I did pretty damn good. With that being said I am not going to get confident or cocky. My ass will be cracking the books all weekend and joining in on the study group ( although it started to grow too much- and I am not big with lots of people during study) some voices grate on me and they throw off my concentration, so yeah that will have to be nixed. But a few of us can break off into a smaller group if need be.

OK on a weird note I have insomnia. I am so tired but when I lay down my mind races and races. So yeah I am gonna try advil pm and then move on from there. I do know lunesta sucks!!

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