Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting Ready for Tomorrow

Ahh a day off from school, of course filled with all of those things that are put off until the free day. Daughter has a doctor appt. Then I have to pick son up from school then head out to pick hubby up from work. This one car thing really sucks!

So anyway, I have 5 chapters to read and review for tomorrow and a careplan to work on as a group project. We are starting Foley caths, wound care, and working more on medication administration before our practicum which is in two weeks. Not to mention tomorrow is THE BIG DOSAGE TEST. The one I need a 100% on.

I am freaking out and really stressed. By BP yesterday was 158/100 P was 108... I think I have a problem! Maybe I need Xanex? LOL

Ok well off to finish another chapter, (I'm bringing my book with me to her doctor appt)


  1. Best of luck on your dosage test! Having to get 100% must make it so stressful but you can do it!