Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Test

First test went very well over all.
My study techniques, chapter outlines, and organizing my notes based on the objectives of the chapters worked nicely. Also transcribing the lectures into notes later instead of during class helped alot. However, she threw in some abbreviations that I had never seen before. So off that question ( which was writing out an order that was written in med term.) I missed two abbreviations which were OD- and ac. As did most of the class. I knew ac had to do with meals but I forgot if it were before after or with and I had no idea what OD was. Other than that I got 1 question wrong.

You know how they say go with your gut, don't change your answer? Well 9 times out of 10 that works, but this was that % where I was going back and forth between the two answers and decided to not change my answer. SUCKS!!

So the grading scale is:
92-100 = A
84-91 = B
76-83 = C

Anything lower is failing so it doesn't matter.

So depending on how she scores the last question I either got an A or a B. I'm thinking since it was a long order I'll get like a 93 on the paper test. Which would be awesome!! We shall see on Tuesday at the next class.

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