Friday, January 30, 2009

Week Four DONE!

Ah the culmination of a month of Nursing School...

The much dreaded Dosage and Calculations test is over with unexpected, but hard earned results. We have a medication practicum in a few weeks. We introduced foley and straight cath insertion, and wound care. Today we went more in-depth on assessments. I bought a tool to help me with the assessment walk through. We have to do head-to-toe assessment which is a lot of stuff. My tool's Name is Assess a Ho!I will post pictures of her when I am done. I thought it'd be an unusual way to learn to landmark and be ablee to practice my skills for check off. I'll use real people when I need to hear the difference between regular sounds.

Ok well I am tired and want to go to bed now.

BTW. Daughter is fine! Her labs came back normal. She does need to make sure she gets more Iodine in her diet and maintains her fluid and electrolyte balance a bit better. But no Thyroid problems indicated.

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