Saturday, January 24, 2009

Study break... Story of Us Part 1

In my profile I hinted that there was a long story I'd write about later. I figured this would be a good time as I have been thinking about it lately.

Once upon a time there was a Girl. She lived in a small town in the Northeast region of these United States. It was Christmas and Girl was singing in a school concert. It was upon the stage that Boy-man noticed Girl. Boy-man was home from being all he could be, on a short break for the holiday.
There was a party after the concert and Girl and Boy-man went. Each with separate people. Boy-man spotted girl there among a group of people he knew and with the help of some friends got the courage up to go over and talk to her.
"Hello" he said.
She smiled back. Those eyes, that dimple. She thought. She knew who he was. She had been expecting him.
He flirted, she flirted.
" Who are you here with?" he asked
"Him" she said pointing to someone he knew.
" My best friend!" he laughed.
Girl smiled, those eyes, that dimple.
He was called away, she chatted with his long forgotten courage friend he had dragged with him. Red crushed on her. She didn't care. Later, with late 80's corniness, if there is such a word, Boyfriend and Boy-man made their way back over to her. Those eyes, that dimple, her heart skipped a beat. Apparently She'd Lost That Loving Feeling,and these Top Guns decided to serenade. Boyfriend was Goose however, and Maverick won the spoils. She played along. She'd seen that movie too. Their eyes met. Her heart skipped a beat.
Music began to play, Boyfriend dragged Girl onto the dance floor. Boy-man drifted into the crowd. She smiled when Boy-man returned to their side before the next song. On his arm was, Other girl who hates Girl to this day, and with a scheme on his mind Boy-man suggested a trade.
" Let's switch." Boy-man said to Boyfriend. Laughing Boyfriend agreed, not a clue to the scheme in his best friends mind.
Girl smiled, her heart skipped a beat. Other girl who hates Girl to this day's eyes fell sharply, all the while shooting killer daggers at Girl. She had been scheming on her own. Reluctantly she let Boyfriend pull her into his arms. Girl folded into the arms of Boy-man as he wrapped her close they floated away from Boyfriend and his new partner. They didn't talk, they just danced. The night flew by, it was time for Girl to leave. Girl didn't want to, Boy-man didn't want her to. Boyfriend had to leave early for a family emergency. He was a jerk anyway, yet he never did return after that song ended to find either Boy-man, his bestfriend after all, or Girl, to tell them he was leaving. Other girl who hates Girl to this day, was long forgotten. Red hung around in the background keeping a close eye on Girl, yet she did not know it at the time.

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