Sunday, April 18, 2010


This weekend was filled with male and female bonding, with a bit of family bonding thrown in at the end.

The boys went camping/hunting and from the stories and the excited diatribe we were overwhelmed with when we came in the house, they had a pretty great time. They shot and ate a rattlesnake and pretty much enjoyed the wilds of the desert.

The girl and I hit the spa for mani/pedi's and I had some moles removed while she had her hair cut and colored. Stupid me! OUCH!! But once they heal up, it'll be well worth the pain. I hope! I had a SNAFU with the debit card, apparently there is a daily spending limit on it, which is stupid and I would have been totally FUCKED... thank God I had an extra $100 in the pocket.

On our way to our bonding the girl and I actually saw a snake too. My first one since we moved here 5 years ago. Of course we totally freaked out, even though we were in the car and the snake was on the road. Just the thought of it!

So then as a family we had some burgers on the grill and watched a family movie. Zombieland.. LOL... That's what happens when you have teenagers I guess.

So back to work tomorrow. The honeymoon is over there pretty quick! I am bored! LTC is not the job I see as having my heart, and being the reason I left a place I loved, in order to pursue my dreams. LTC is not my dream. LTC nursing is NOT for me. But I'll put in my year and pray my feet hold up! Even though there have been new things every day the pushing the cart and pulling meds and blah blah blah... just not exciting. When I think back to my clinicals it was the adrenaline jobs that sparked my fire! OR Trauma and Women's Health L&D. I didn't get to be in the ER, but I bet I would love that too! So even if the money is good this job and the shift specifically are really not for me.

If nursing is my dream I am not going to settle. Ya know? So its plug along at my school work and hit that LPN-BSN running in 6 months.

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