Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wind me up Scottie

Or wind me down. Now I remember these nights. When I was first a CNA wayyyy back in 1995 I worked the 3-11 shift. It would take me till 2am sometimes to unwind and fall asleep. When I worked 11-7 I did not have that problem. I could fall into bed and be asleep in seconds. Weird how that works.

It's almost 1am and I am tired, but not tired, if that makes since. I know I could strip down and climb into bed and ahhhhhh.... lay there for like an hour and think about all the shit I may or may not have done at work. LOL

Tonight was more of the same. My preceptor was doing my treatments and helping the RN and the LPN on the other side. (I really think we need to staff this way anyway), I just don't understand why they don't have one when there is just so much riding on this care. So anyway, I was on my own. I did VERY well up until dinner. Then it was all of a sudden crazy and I fell wayyyy behind and nearly forgot to give a few meds altogether.

But I at least felt confident about the first half of the night and that's a good thing. I said I didn't need a preceptor as of Monday. I mean she works the other side of the hall and if I have a question I can ask. It's not like I haven't been doing it myself anyway.

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