Friday, April 16, 2010

Sometimes you feel like a Nurse.....

Like when its three hours after your shift and you are the phone with the doctor, because you just finished all the damn paperwork and were late with a dressing change so when you went to do it, you noticed there was a huge blister when you removed the tape, so then you spend forever writing up the incident report, then the change of condition report, then the nursing notes, then updating the careplan, then adding the info to the 24 hour charting report... so at 1:15am the doctor calls you back, gives you an order and then you have to find the new dressing stuff, and run down and put on the new dressing.

Welcome to Nursing!!


  1. Sometimes you feel like a Nurse,
    sometimes you don't!

    RNs have nuts, CNAs don't

    Everyone, sing along.....


  2. this is totally the song that brought out the title!