Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So at orientation today I was offered a full-time position on the 2nd shift, Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri with a permanent hall to learn in. For the same money with benefits too! She said I can also pick up a weekend shift or another day if I'd like to as they post them. I mean maybe I will who knows.

I met the staff... we'll see how they turn out. I'll have 27 residents. Kinda freaked but excited. The nurses there have been there awhile so I hope they don't eat the new girl!

I start precepting tomorrow then on Thurs, Fri & Monday and maybe I will be turned on my own on Tuesday. I pretty much need the most help with charting because I have passed meds before.

Hummmm... oh and tomorrow starts off with a mandatory licensed staff meeting!

I just can't wait to get a pay check! ( which is twice a month on the 5th and the 20th. ) I hate those but I guess it'll make it easier to pay the bills!! Woot! Of course now I have to figure out how to get another car so the kids will be able to get home!

I really hope I do well and prove that I am was worth taking the chance on!!


  1. Ah, that's cool that you got offered a full-time position! yeee hawwww!

    Congrats again on getting a job.


  2. so exciting! Full time with benefits- WOOOOOOT!
    If I had extra money I'd drive out the van and fly back.. maybe next week? I dont know...
    congrats on the job- very exciting!!!