Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Day Part 2

Let me just say that first and foremost... I am tired and going back to bed for a few more hours after this post... LOL

So the day started off with a Mandatory staff meeting that lasted an hour and discussed the latest State Eval. So yeah a few dings (nothing major), but you know if someone gets a UTI or a hangnail its a big deal. So after that meeting it was on to the floor.

At first she was like, "I am going to let you do the meds here you go." OK but I had no idea where anything was in the med cart yet and their MAR is slightly different than the ones we have used. And we were already over an hour behind because of the meeting. Then she mentioned something about how I used to be a medtech- I have no idea where that came from, because I never said that nor is it on my resume.

I was like... "Well I have not been a CNA since Aug of 2000 and I have been in Customer Service for the greater part of the last 8-9 years and am a new grad LPN as recently as Dec. So yeah I need a little more direction than just take the keys and go. " She was actually really good at training once I spoke up and explained how I learn.

So after a slow start, I did get the hang of it and instead of me pulling the meds. I watched her pull the pills. So I could see where the OTCs were kept and get a better orientation to the cart and flow of it. I did the Accuchecks and drew up the insulin's and then gave all of the meds. I found I prefer the old fashioned pill crusher as opposed to the Silent Knight.

The night flew but we were very busy. I did all the treatments myself.. woot!

And at 1110 I got to go home ;-) Only a 10 hour day.

The worse part is that it took 1 hour to get home so I pulled up about 1230. At which time I gulped 1000mg of Advil and fell into bed... although the dogs kept wanting attention or to go out. This is going to take some retraining. They are so used to me being home and now I won't be.

In other news I just got a call from that Pedi Homecare place I was looking into. Ah screw it... working 6 days a week is the least I can do to pay back my family for the what 2 years I have been without a job.

Now to decide what to do about RN school. I think I will enjoy the 6 months of work and think about heading the LPN-BSN next year.

All in all the people were GREAT... the one training me is the one who will be working with me on all but 1 night a week.

And... the best part... I am NOT a CNA!!! LOL

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  1. YAY!!! Glad your first night went well! I know its hard work, but you must feel so proud and SO GOOD! :D