Friday, April 9, 2010

How do you wake a sleeping resident.....?

"I have your pain pills..." I tried calling her name, rubbing her shoulder, a light sternal rub, I had no idea if there as a change of condition or what. Then I said the magic words and her eyes popped open so fast it was like I gave her a jolt. Makes me wonder if she heard me and was playing or really is attuned to those magic words? Hummm...


Second shift began and ended with me running the med cart and doing all the treatments. I hope I didn't mess anything up or forget anything.

I started off ok but by 1800 when I was still passing the 1600 and needing to get ready for the 2000, I thought that I really needed to evaluate and make some changes. I think I have decided to change the routine alot in order to be more efficient with my time to get things accomplished. Some of my best strengths are Multi-tasking, organizing, and prioritizing. I think overall my system will work much better and does not include the cutting of corners.

1) Change # 1... While waiting for report and for the day nurse to finish up her tasks. I will get those 4 accuchecks out of the way.

2.) Change #2 . No waiting until the end of shift to do treatments. I will advise the aides to let me know when they put the people to bed that I need to do butt dressings on so I can do them then. It helps to have an extra set of hands to hold some of these people on their side.

3.) Change #3 All those people with 2000 also have treatments. Of those not included in the above change will be added to this one. Most are just a little ointment or cream to some small area or a bit of the fungal powder to the folds.

Just a few changes but I really think they will make a huge difference. Once I learn Who everyone is and where everyone is. Especially once I learn the dang locations of all the meds in the med cart.

In other news:

The staff continues to be very nice. Here I was worried about the fact that they were older and were going to eat me ( LOL ).

I am really tired, my feet are sore and my back hurts. I think I will like the two days on 1 day off 2 days on 2 days off schedule and for now have decided not to add anymore work until school is finished for the term. I really have to at least pass 4 of my 5 classes and at this rate those will not include Chemistry lecture- and I am pretty sure I am going to have to play some major catch up in Micro, as I have not had anytime to study for tomorrows midterm. Probably not the best time to start a new job, but school is a back burner to the job at this point.

All in all I actually really like it here and once I get my grove and make my changes and get my routine established I think I will be wayyyy better off.

Plus once I see the paycheck I am sure it'll all be worth it :-)


  1. It's Official! You are a NURSE! Yay, You!


  2. just remember as soon as u get a will have to change again...the joys of living the life of a nurse