Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weight Update

So still on the losing end. But it has settled to 5 pounds a month. But since I started working the weight is coming off faster. I was thinking of starting the Hcg diet thing.. but I am not sure if I can keep up with the food lists and stuff. So perhaps Medifast, Nutra-System or Jenny Craig. I just need to start with prepackaged meal plans to make it easier. After than I already know about exercise and portion size. After all I have taken a Nutrition class and learned alot as a Nurse.

Hehe.. So since March 18th I am down 16 pounds.


  1. Good for you!!!
    I am really excited for you! Keep up the good work!
    And yeah, prepackaged meals would be ideal for convenience and ease, since you're a busy working student mama!

  2. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    I did NutriSystem a while back. The food wasn't too bad and it was nice having things already packaged and there for me to warm up. The problem with that one though, is that you actually have to ADD in a bunch of stuff into the diet. Fuits/Veggies and salads, etc, that it ends up being not as convenient as they lead you to believe from the commercials. It really did help me lose some weight though!!

    Keep it up! You are doing fabulous!

  3. Wish I would have lost 16 lbs since March! That is FABULOUS! Sooooo jealous. I need to get on the ball and do something too. Doc is on my case since I was diagnosed with diabetes last summer.

  4. That is awesome!! It'll come off before you know it..