Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Kids are off from school, my aunt came in to stay for a month with my parents. I finished my Micro assignment for the week. Am trying to figure out the Chemistry but all this math is just killing me. I am going to try and eek through this, but I have talked to other people who have taken this class and they said the midterm and finals are pretty math intensive.

I hope to have a shot at the multiple choice sections scoring pretty high and hope that off sets the essay questions which contain the math problems. We'll see how it goes.

I had another interview, this time a phone interview for a position within a Prison. Except that interview ended with the question, "Do you have any credit issues?" Ok is there anyone who doesn't right now? What constitutes a credit issue? Hummm... well so yeah I thought twice about that one. It'd suck to get all the way through and they are like, wow you have a such and such on your credit.

Oh well... so still no news from Tuesday's interview, but I think that will take until next week to hear. The position isn't even open until the middle of the month. I sent a resume email to an agency that hires our new grad. Its Pedi homecare but its experience and that is sooo important. So if I'll give them a call today and introduce myself to the contact.

The thing about going to Vegas for so long it worries me that I may miss a call or something ya know? But then if I am sitting here I may just be obsessing for nothing.

Hummmm... oh well... So on the weight front I am down 13 pounds overall. On the marriage front... we are working through things and reconnecting in ways we should have been all along. Its the little things and well... hummmm trust... yeah well that is easier said than done.

But I am not willing to throw away a 20 year relationship with the love of my life without a fight... even if that means I have to kick someone's ass!


  1. I support any decision that you feel comfortable with regarding your marriage- and I also got your back in any fight! I've been learning how to throw some punches ;)
    While you're gone.. if you get a call, can whoever at the house answers tell them to call like your Mom or Aunts cell or something? Although, it's a holiday weekend, you probably won't get any calls till next week- so I wouldn't sweat it. Have fun!!!

  2. I think the credit question was a standard question for the prison system....they don't want an employee to be in a vulnerable financial position, making them easy prey for soemone to bribe them to help a bad guy mastermind any crime while they are in the pokey. Probably not too much to worry about.

    Have fun on your trip!
    Happy Easter
    S ♥