Monday, April 26, 2010

Not enough

1 day is not enough of a day off. I spent it waiting for the Dish Network people to show up. Then had to head to the mall to get some shorts for the boy. He's a PIA to take shopping and at the mall is worse. But he had gift certs for a particular store to spend. $87 for 3 pairs of shorts is NOT my idea of a deal. He likes Wal-mart or Target jeans and I still have to head out and find him those and some shirts too.

Then we had to go over and see about fixing and getting the Jeep. Which was at hubby's work. That thing is a big POS and I can not wait to be able to afford new cars with warranties.

Then it was grocery shopping and home. I did not make dinner but instead we had sundae's.

Then come to find out the DISH receiver is NOT what I wanted either. I wanted 3. 1 with DVR. So when I went to set my recording for Nurse Jackie and Trueblood it blocked the content on my daughter's TV and wouldn't let her change the channel and recorded using her TV. It seems our converters are connected.

So then we fixed that problem and it then recorded on my TV and wouldn't let me watch anything else. Um... the point of DVR is so that I can record while not being home and the TV is still free to watch at least 1 other show. While my son and daughter can use their own TVs. So another phone call I will be making through the crap that is Customer Service at DISH Network! Oh and the only reason we chose DISH over Direct was because of a sports channel so we could catch the Red Sox games and yeah that channel isn't even programmed!

Of course its back to work today and tomorrow so no time for that until Wednesday. Plus, Wednesday I am meeting with the diet center!


  1. Dang, sounds like you had a rough day:( Go diet center!! Good Luck with it, if you need support I am here for ya. I am doing weight watchers myself. 50 more pounds to go, official BMI weight!!

  2. I have 100 pounds to go until I reach my goal weight! LOL Already 16 down and still such a high number. I wish I were 6 feet tall then I'd only have 50 pounds to lose! LOL

  3. I hate when my DVR doesnt work!!