Monday, April 5, 2010

I got a job!!

Wow I can not believe I am saying that. of course it is not "full time" and the hours aren't guaranteed to be the same every week, or to exist for that matter. Sigh!! But someone is willing to give this new grad that all important experience.

Of course with that being said, she said her two pool people quit recently to take positions at higher levels, which is why she has the two openings she just hired for. They were working at least 32 hours a week, most times more. Plus since summer vacations are here and people always call in sick she said I'll probably get as many hours as I want.

First, let's just say that its a job and I can use it as real life experience even if it is pool! So I will not be getting that "I'd hire you if you had experience" crap.

Second, she said the more flexible you are the better your chances of getting hired on full time when a position opens up. Plus I mean positions open up often... its LTC after all. plus being willing to work all three shifts- which I am, and is why I took these stupid classes online instead of in person, where I am sure they would be easier.

Third, it gives me alot of options since I will not be stuck on certain shifts & It will allow me to enroll in the LPN-BSN program in six months aka the spring.

Fourth, It's $24 an hour and I start tomorrow with orientation and then I get shifts for training. Since I used to make $13 an hour at my customer service job and since I only get $8.50 an hour for respite... I feel like I actually went to school for a reason now! LOL

Of course this helps me keep my options open for a position that is full time of course too. Win win I think.

I am excited and this is a good start... I hear being employed makes you more employable.. lol


  1. 24/hr HECK YEAH!!!!! YAY!!!
    I am so happy for you!!!!!

  2. OOOOOHHH RAAAAHHHHHH! Congratulations! Best of luck to you at your new job....can't wait to hear all about it!


  3. YAY!
    Congratulations, this is fantastic.


    I think I'm going to cry

  4. Very happy for you! I guess staying home from Vegas had a pretty big pay off!

  5. That's awesome Christine!! I'm very excited for you,and that pay is great, I'll only be starting at 25.75 as an RN so that's very cool. You deserve it..