Saturday, April 17, 2010

Remarkable men, Skin tears... and just Icky icky icky

Sometimes I am amazed that people can be kind and think of others. My husband for one. Well he really is a nice guy all and all and yesterday I asked if he could stop by work and meet with a resident, a Vet, and give him a hand with the models he was working on. Well he came. It really made that grumpy old man's day.


So then later I had a resident get a skin tear, so another incident report. Of course this was followed by a report that a resident thinks she saw one of the male aides , GASP... Kiss another one of the residents. (Same aide involved in the skin tear)

Ok so skin tears happen, the lady has 4 or 5 at present. Spoke with the doctor and there are standing orders, geri sleeves the works. But an allegation like that. I mean the dude to me is creepy anyway. Sometimes there are just people that you wonder why or how they could do this job. So yeah now there is to be an investigation and whatnot. The main thing that I don't get, and its really eating me up when I think about it is this...

When told he would need to leave pending further investigation, he came to me to say he was leaving. A Disturbing conversation pursued.

Him: " Well I am leaving. Not because of the skin tear but because of something all different."

Me: " Oh why?" (I knew at this point of course)

Him: " Some crazy resident reported that I had kissed another resident."

Me: " Oh wow!"

Him: " Now I am going to lose my job because that crazy lady is just jealous!"

Me: " What do you mean by that?"

Him: < walks away >

Now tell me this... Would you use those words "just jealous?"

I would think more like, " I am going to lose my job and God only knows because of something that never happened. OMG what am I going to do? What happens now?" Blah blah blah...

Turns out that that resident is supposed to only have female caregivers, so not sure where this is going to head. Except that I am sure the state will be in and there will be much more hullabaloo if this is true than over the UTI that the state is still up in arms about!


  1. Umm...weird.

    Kudos to your husband!

  2. Wow.
    That's extremely generous of your husband. That's pretty special.


  3. oh wow.


    But props to Frank :)