Sunday, April 11, 2010


So yeah at 1100 last night I get a desperate call from the staffing coordinator at work. Begging me near tears to come in and cover the overnight. The nurses can't stay from the 2-10 because they are the double weekend shift and already had worked their 16 and had to be back in at 6am. Mind you its on a side I have not been on before. I would be charge because I was the only nurse on duty on that side. The RN would be on my normal side in case there were issues.

"I'll pay you bonus." She offers.

So heck yeah! $50 an hour to work 6 hours. Cuz by the time I got there it was 12. I manged to leave at 6am, with all my charting and meds passed.

I LOVE that shift & I love that side. If that one opens up I told her I want it!

So yeah after only 4 shifts I was charge. CRAZY!!

Welcome to the world of nursing!!

Alright time for some much needed family time.


  1. Very cool! I bet you can't wait for that paycheck!

  2. They must know a good thing when they see it! Good for you. I'm glad to see good things are happening for you right now.