Tuesday, April 13, 2010


CNA's.... As a new LPN and already on my own and working the floor. I have to be a supervisor. As a former CNA I know how are the job is and personally I think it sucks which is why I am a nurse and not a CNA anymore. But I have already come to see the classic signs of the CNA archetypes.

The "good" ones- They do their job, their rooms are clean & smell like soap, their residents are clean and dry, they answer the call lights.

The "bad" ones- well you have to hunt them down to answer a call light. Their residents are always in the same position, with caked on poo or food at the various orifices.

Then there are the ones that want you to think they are "good" but they are actually "bad". You know the ones that come up to you and tell you what they are doing,all the time, suck up to you, except when you go in the room to do a treatment or something half the face is a mess- usually the side pointing toward the door, the depends are dry but the clothes are soaked with piss. Yeah I totally have one of those.

Ahhh... the joys of being the Nurse!

Well off to work I was called in two hours early.... I have a family somewhere here. I think I remember them... but I haven't seen them in awhile.


  1. Have a great shift! Keep updating, I love work stories!

  2. Since deciding to become a CNA, I have read so many stories about the terrible jobs some of them do. HOW IN THE WORLD do they keep their jobs?!?! One would think there would be no excuses for substandard care like that. I mean, this is someone's life. I know wiping poo doesn't neccessarily help save a life, but wiping poo is important. It just makes me sad to see people having that much of a careless attitude toward another human being. Don't take the job if you don't want to do the work!!!

    I hope I turn out to be one of the good ones you are speaking of and I'm sorry you have a pseudogood CNA. Maybe it's time to tell her you don't want to HEAR about all the work she is doing, you would rather SEE it. :p

  3. I love it!! Your blog that is!! I too have just registered for the local CNA program, to get my feet wet before Nursing School. I am so excited about, although sometimes the feedback we get may be rather bleak to say the least. I actually used to think that if more nurse started as CNA's the respect level may be a bit higher, but yeah not so much. The outlook of mine has certainly changed. Never the less, I am still looking forward to all the new perspectives. Keep up the great writing!!!!! If you get a minute, please follow me as well!!