Friday, April 30, 2010

State Survey

Well great news... I survived my first state survey. When I got to work today they were still there but before I had finished count and gotten report, they were off and out the door! Woot! I totally did not want to be there for that.

Still feeling bad off and on. Motrin is taking the achy away and keeping the fevers at bay. But no high spikes just low grade.

I am feeling very confident about my job and getting compliments at how fast I picked things up and gotten into a grove. I never thought I would memorize that many medicines and treatments for that many residents but its weird how repetitious it is and that after only threeish weeks I have nearly every memorized so that I don't even have to look at the MAR to know who gets what and when.

Of course that leads to some charting errors... well not errors but blanks I have to remember to sign off because they are considered errors.

But of course with the good news is always the bad and that is that I am BORED with my job. Today I put in a Foley and irrigated a supra pubic one. But other than that it does not have the excitement that I need.

Sheesh... I am just never happy. Well except on PAYDAY!

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  1. Our survey says!
    And our studio audiences number one answer to the question "Who is the most awesome new grad nurse in AZ?"