Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The thing about having a big family is that they have your back. The best thing about big families is that half of mine kicks it ghetto style. So needless to say that even though I can not be there to exact the... payback I think someone deserves. Well at least her husband will know too! After all my family should not be the only one who has to deal with the aftermath of this stupid childish game.

Furthermore, even if it was just some Internet fun that meant nothing on his part,he says he has sworn off totally, and swears that he will try and make it up to me forever and has begged for another chance...

Well it is just not in me to just forgive that there were two people in this stupid fake "romance" and since I get to exact all the punishment on the one here. So should be the option of the spouse on the other end to exact the punishment on the slut that decided that she wanted anything that is MINE.

Hummm... a women scorned and all that jazz!

Pfftttt... have I ever mentioned that I really am a mean bitch?


  1. I just read the post from before, and now I'm understanding a little more. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this total and utter bullshit. Wishing there was something I could do, unfortunately you're all the way out there, murder is illegal, and well I don't know any hitmen!

  2. Unleash your inner bitch! lol
    Dude, seriously... her family needs to know all about this and deal with this just as yours is.