Friday, April 2, 2010

Change of plans

So yeah no trip to Vegas because I have a job interview on Monday. I mean I couldn't turn it down and say.. "well I'll be back on Thursday" right? The position is only PRN Pool but it has two days Tuesday and Thursday guaranteed 6a-2p shift. Plus she said the odds of being able to pick up other shifts are pretty damn high. We all know nurses call off alot. Plus she said that being in the Pool when a full time perm position opens up I would get first dibs being already in the pool.

Its experience, its a job, its hours and if I get some homecare hours too I can really make this work.

I guess that means that I will just have to set up some more walk-ins to make the week worth it too and hope I hear from a few more of the resumes that I sent in. One place is hiring for double Baylor weekend shift but its 62 miles away, but it could be worth it too! Who knows!! LOL I am just soooo ready to jump in and be a NURSE!! I totally have cute scrubs calling my name!

On the midterm front perhaps I will hit the library or the study center at the school to get some studying in with the tutors.

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